Pim van den Akker (1976)
Born in the west of Holland, the flower capital of the Netherlands, Pim van den Akker developed a deep love for flowers and plants. Pim has integrated his love for nature in his designs and is one of the top Dutch florists and designers. His passion is designing products that bring an extra dimension in life surroundings.

Pim travels the world over in order to share his passion and drive with as many people as possible. During his trips he spends days and weeks giving demonstrations, inspiring and teaching colleagues and students, hosting workshops, and talking to the press and the media. In short, Pim is a tireless promoter of the numerous creative and unique opportunities that the flower industry has to offer.

Here at home in the Netherlands he has been able to woo people with his spectacular shows during which he ambitiously demonstrates that there is so much more that can be done with flowers and design. What about the fantastic Floral Fashion Shows that he organised at Museum the Prinsenhof in Delft? His effervescent opening acts for his floral museum expositions were acclaimed all over the world including countries like South Korea, Japan and Australia.

For his last show he developed a unique concept where fashion, floral art and gastronomy went hand in hand. While models showed his floral couture dresses, the public enjoyed delicious food in which chef Yuri Verbeek had used ingredients that were also used in the dresses. ‘Pure innovation, an intense overall experience, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before’, is how the press unanimously responded.

This almost un-Dutch magnificence with which Pim van den Akker handles and shapes his projects has not gone unnoticed. The international fashion world has expressed interest in working with ‘this creative genius from Delft’ and in the meantime Pimdesigned has also received many offers to organise these floral shows in other countries as well. A promotor by nature, that’s Van den Akker.

After publishing 7 books on floral design, he was ready for the next step. Being captured by the idea of approaching design in a completely different way, Pim van den Akker initiated and founded Flower Factor in April 2013.

“I believe it’s important to be able to share, and tell people or even better yet show them what our business is all about and how we are able to turn a beautiful product into beautiful creativity”, is how Pim describes it himself. “Our trade is much more than just putting together an arrangement or a bouquet; florists and designers have the talent of capturing a product’s emotion and translating that into an expressive floral design.”

“In my opinion, FlowerFactor is the best possible way to collaborate with the entire floral trade chain and numerous other creative and inspiring professionals and make sure that floral design soon is known top-of-mind by everyone. This platform gives all the Factors in the flower industry the opportunity to tell an inspiring story. A story about flowers, plants, emotion, beauty and experience.”

Bringing Inspiration in Life Surroundings
His philosophy is to bring inspiration in life surroundings. He wants to make every day’s life extraordinary. Nowadays life is so busy that there is hardly time and we forget to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

Pim wants to change this by using materials, shapes and forms that bring inspiration in your environment. Whether it’s re-designing interiors, use floral design or our other products, the aim is to bring inspiration in your surroundings.


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